Saturday, October 18, 2008

Digital Production - Project 2 - Alternative B&W Logo

In revising the logo from assignment two, I wanted to make an image-text logo with the same idea process as the first one..

I wanted to break out the image of the tree from the design to clarify it, and uncomplicated the first letter, D. I wanted to make the logo easier to read, even at smaller sizes, and a bit more organic.

I sketched out the composition, went with Black and White, drew the tree in Pen and Ink
on Mylar. I then scanned it into Photoshop, where I adjusted brightness and contrast, sharpened, and sized the image.
Then I brought it into Illustrator and incorporated the text part of the design. I used Papyrus font for an earthier look, more homogenous with the tree, and incorporated the tree icon into the text.

Finally, I brought the Logo into Indesign, set up guidelines, and added the contact information text, and create the business card.

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