Saturday, November 1, 2008

Digital Production - Project 7 - eNewsletter

The concept I have for this project was to present an email newsletter trying to maintain awareness of the limits of email browsers. I wanted to present some of my Illustrations to entice readers to visit my website, the ultimate goal of the email.

To avoid the appearance of being a direct webpage, I decided to combine a few of my illustrations into a single image which would show the detail of the individual works, yrt illustrate the message of the email itself. Direct connections to the website are offered by 3 buttons, and a link on the name, Ichthyography, Ink . Websafe Verdana is use for text, and the other styles of Font are offered as images, generally part of a logo or a link.

The entire concept was kept to one “page” area with a live screen of 800 X 600 pixels, keeping both the text and tempts imagery available upon opening the email

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