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Artist-Illustrator announces opening of home studio “Stormtree Studio”

By Stephen Di Cerbo
September 26, 2012

North Hudson, NY -  Local Artist and Illustrator,  Stephen  Di Cerbo announced today he will officially dedicate his newly constructed home Art Studio by celebrating with an Open Studio Day  on Sunday, October 7th, 2012 from 1PM until 5PM. Joining in the Festivities is Mr Di Cerbo’s friend and mentor, Mr. Mineo Ryuka  Yamamoto of Japan.  Stormtree Studio is located at 7 Kenakwar Lane, North Hudson, New York, 12855.

About the Artists – Stephen Di Cerbo is natural Science Illustrator and Wildlife artist who grew up in Schenectady New York and fished, hunted and enjoyed outdoor recreation in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York since he was a teenager.  He holds an A.A.S. degree in Fish and Wildlife Technology from SUNYA Cobleskill and a B.S. in Science Illustration from Sage College of Albany, New York.

Stephen is a lifelong artist who works in the mediums of Pen & Ink, Oils, Acrylics, Copper plate etching and other forms of printmaking, including Gyotaku  (gee-oh ta koo) a Japanese originated art form of printmaking. Mr Di Cerbo has been involved in Japanese fish printing for over 20 years, both Kansetsu-ho or the “indirect method” and Chokusetsu-ho, the “direct method”. Some examples of his Fine Art, prints and illustrations can be seen on his online portfolio, . . He also maintains a blog about his work and about Gyotaku at .

Born in 1943 in Central Tokyo, Japan, Mineo Ryuka Yamamoto became hooked on the sport of fishing at the age of 30. His enthusiasm for the sport and his artistic inclinations led him to maintain “diaries” of his fishing exploits, including sketches of whatever fish he might catch – naturalist’s journals. Later, he discovered Gyotaku in a Fishing Tackle store, and the future of his life’s work was in place.

Through approximately 40 years, Mineo Ryuka Yamamoto has worked as an innovator in this rapidly evolving art form, and has carried forward the traditions and spirit of Gyotaku

Mineo Ryuka Yamamoto now lives in Higashimatsuyama city, located north of Tokyo, in Saitama prefecture. His work can be seen at his website, . He often teaches Kansetsu-ho Gyotaku workshops in the U.S. in affiliation with the Nature Printing Society, and more information about Gyotaku and nature printing can be obtained at their website, .  

Mr. Yamamoto will be giving a brief presentation about Gyotaku and its history, at 2 PM at the Studio Opening.

Mr. Di Cerbo is currently working to develop a fusion art style of Japanese  Gyotaku and  the fish, plants and Natural History of the Adirondack Mountains.  Printmaking workshops will be held at Stormtree Studio in North Hudson, and the initial Fall offerings are as follows: 

Fall Workshops
 (limited to 6 Students)

  Indirect Gyotaku Fish Printing by Mineo Yamamoto     Saturday October 13, 9:00 am
$90  +  $25 material fee

 Direct Gyotaku Fish Printing by Stephen DiCerbo   Saturday November 10, 9:00 am
$90  +  $25 material fee


For more information about the dedication of Stormtree Studio, to register for workshops, or the work of the two artists, please contact

Stephen Di Cerbo
Stormtree Studio
7 Kenakwar Lane
North Hudson, New York, 12855
Home: (518)  532-0575
Studio Cell : (518)  466-7004
Email Stephen Di Cerbo -

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