Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gyotaku Workshop

The Guild of Natural Science Illustrators
invites you to experience the Pacific Northwest
2011 Conference and Annual Meeting
At The Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington
July 10-July16, 2011

Chokusetsu-ho Gyotaku
An introduction to Japanese Fish Printing
Friday, July 15,2011 - 8 am

Stephen DiCerbo
Level: Beginner
Prerequisites: none
Maximum class enrollment: 10

Learn Chokusetsu-ho, the direct method of Gyotaku, Japanese fish printing. A relatively new art form, Gyotaku came to America in the 1950s and its history can be traced back a couple hundred years. Used to identify species of fish and record size of catches, gyotaku is often seen as a parallel to Taxidermy. It has evolved into an art form and unique type of illustration, and techniques and methodology continue to be refined today. A form of relief printmaking, it allows for an intimate familiarity with the morphology of the fish.

Not only are Gyotaku images popular in gallery art and editorial illustration, the process is a great tool for art and science educators to expose students to ichthyologic identification and morphology, as well as relief printing. After a brief introduction to the history and the art, by demonstration, you will learn to prepare a specimen for printing, then prepare your own fish and create Gyotaku prints experimenting with various techniques and approaches. All materials provided, but bring any preferred brushes for working with ink washes. $20 Materials fee.

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